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The so-called ‘teenager-protection committee’ of Korea announced that ‘Remeber’, 2nd official album of Bigbang to be x-rated.

The committee has announced that ‘Strong baby’, the 5th track of the album contains words and theme that are explicit and may harm the teenagers. The word that committee has picked out was ‘crack’ which the committee thinks it is referring to cocain. And the theme of the song itself is sexually explicit.

Most of the Korean netizens do not see the need of such measures because the album itself was released 3 months ago which means most of the people would have already bought the album. Also, Seungri’s activities as a solo is also coming to an end shortly. The Korean netizens are criticizing the committee for its lack of efficiency.

There has been cases last year when DBSK’s Mirotic and Rain’s Rainism got x-rated and had to use ‘clean version’ when they were performing on stage. Related to these to cases, the Korean netizen is very angry at the committee for being too conservative and criticizing that the Korean culture is going back to the 70’s when there were so many limits and constraints imposed on any form of art, especially songs.


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w to the 00t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (‘cuz I’m the biggest X-Men fanatic ever XD)

Exactly 2 months to go =D

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lol I’m on a blogging rampage

서태지와아이들 (Seo Taiji & Boys) “환상속의 그대” 

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oh wow, it was Lee Hyori hahahah

I actually saw this MV before XD

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y’all have prolly seen this but I love it XD I just watched the big bang bits of the MKMF the other day & this is the coolest performance all night in my opinion XD & I love the song 10 mintues which is down here too:

such a catchy song!!! >< have to figure out who does the original, haha i love Dae Sung’s dancing in the beginning XD LOL @ GD going ‘hey girl gomin gomin hajima’ & @ 1.25 he’s lyk ‘Oh Hyori no~’ XD

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Mc Mong is Love =]

죽도록 사랑해 (Love you till I die)

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Don’t Trust Me by 3Oh!3

(This isn’t the actual music video, it’s a bunch of people with too much time on their hands but it should be the actual video lol)

So this is my song of the week =]

At MRISA me & Chi were always tap tap-ing on someone’s iTouch, I think it was Meg’s, lol, & this was the song was played which is insanely catchy. So later me & Dhania are singing the song out loud in the bus & Dhania being in 7th grade and innocent doesn’t wanna say ‘ho’ so we cover our mouths & gasp instead lol. Yeah, that’s how we roll. =]

Chi, I know you’re reading this LOL. =P

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