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Hikari – Se7en

this song is awesome XD it brings me back to my 7th grade days which was when I had my first k-pop CDs (se7en’s first album & one of Rain’s first albums)

this is also the first non-english song I bothered learning all the lyrics too, haha


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Seungri performed in Inkigayo, which aired yesterday (01.03.09) in Korea. This was his last stage after 2 months of performing as a solo, not as Bigbang. He performed the remix of Strong baby with G-dragon as a special gift to the Fans.

Seungri’s Strong baby was picked as Mutizen song 3 weeks in a row, setting a  TripleCrown. Seungri is so happy that he cannot bear not to cry *awww* Just before the encore stage, he says that he is thankful to himself that he endured hardships during the 2 months and also the fans who supported him very much. After that, in encore stage, he doesn’t sing but smiles :). And also he attemps to change the lyrics to ‘아직도 난 VIP 기다리고 있는지 (I am still waiting for VIP)’, and the fans go crazzy 🙂


well, WELL DONE Seungri hyung 🙂 hehe hope he gets some sleep and rest that he missed for 2 months!

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