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GD has came back to us with the new album and his comeback stage was aired today on SBS’s Inkigayo.

Here are youtube clips :

well there aren’t much performance… the stage is quite small but the song sounds great! =)
I hope there are some special performances like 2NE1’s debut stage (wow. that was one stunning stage :O)


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so that’s what i think about this whole scandal thing, it’s not plagiariam if only 5 seconds of the song sounds like ‘right round’ & also, why does it matter? it sounds freakin’ awesome =]

also. i love this song XD they’re so sexy now O__O the hip thing looks insane to do lol

i don’t really understand the MV though

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Gara Gara Go MV =)

This is for lita =)

well this is the music video of Gara Gara Go, which is the title song of BB’s Official Japanese Album.
I feel that seungri is getting more parts every time =)
well not just seungri but the song itself is very nice and trendy.. and sounds cool to me when i don’t even understand the lyrics (unlike some other japanese versions of korean songs )

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well… not really ‘new’ some are, and some are from BB’s first ‘real’ japanese album.
The newest ones are from GD’s Heartbreaker =) ENJOY

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well this is a both sad and happy posting.

as we all know, Daesung is in serious injury (well he is much better after a successful surgery he had few days ago) and will not be able to be on shows for couple of months. This has raised serious concerns about who will substitute for Daesung in upcoming Family outing episodes. Well it seems as though Seungri is substituting for Daesung! The recording of the show will take place in KangWon province on the 24th of August. This wil probably on TV during early September so watch out for it! (from http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2009082210331949185)

The show will not be on this week because Former President, Mr. Kim Dae Jung has died and Korea is suffering from a big loss since President Kim was a phenomenal figure in Korean history who established democracy in Korea which suffered from severe dictatorship and practiced democracy himself rather than being hypocritical like many leaders.

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A little preview to all the songs on his album!

Wow it’s been ages by the way since i posted here and i apologizeeeeeeeeee!

So i hope that this will make up for it <333

GD Leadah Fighthing!


Vol. 1 – Heartbreaker
01. 소년이여 (Boy)
02. Heartbreaker
03. Breathe
04. Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)
05. Hello (Feat. 다라 Dara)
06. Gossip Man (Feat. 김건모 Kim GunMo)
07. Korean Dream (Feat. 태양 TaeYang)
08. The Leaders (Feat. Teddy, CL)
09. She’s Gone (Feat. KUSH)
10. 1년 정거장 (Station 1 year)

and here is the video to Heartbreaker 😀

wow..the hair…and it does NOT sound like Right Round by Flo Rida at all!

see fans, our GD knows better 😀

and finally…


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Caffe Latte. =)

another gallery that shows my craze over bigbang 😛

well even though I stayed in Korea for like a month but I didn’t get to see much of them other than from Family Outing, TV ad, and BB merchandises. Caffee Latte was one of it and on the last day I realized I never tried it so I bought it at the airport. The cup with Seungri on is on my desk, serving as a pencil holder 😛

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