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shou shou shou ai wo~

just 1 week & a half in china & i can tell that means ‘say say say love me’ XD w00t w00t


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❤ ❤ ❤

I don’t even know what to say anymore about these guys. ❤

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isn’t that just the most <3worthy thing you’ve seen all day?

great voice

plays guitar

plays violin


check out his stuff at http://www.youtube.com/user/izAkly

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The Royal Pirates covering ‘Nobody’ by Wondergirls =]

& they’re cute too XD

Download mp3 @ http://www.purevolume.com/royalpirates

[homgz they have a cover of Sorry Sorry by Super Junior too, check it outz~ =D]

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SNSD’s Gee sung by Natalie in an RnB version by PumaShock.

Wow….I think that it’s reallllly good…

Definitley a different feel…and SNSD saw her singing this ~

She does other Korean song remixes too ~


And finally….

the GUY version of Gee….another remix which gave me the chillsss cos it was really good….that’s talent right there

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credit: jaeurazn1

Seriously, he did the dance so well! And all the hair movements lol, it just worked well! Everyone in the audience was like “Oh my god…”


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The lyrics were written, sung and played by Lisa a.k.a. aozorafantasii

[Her voice is really pretty and if you weren’t a big fan of the song before like me you might actually like it now ^^]

“nunan neomu yeppeoseo..”
just when I thought I could go
my heart is lost and you’re pulling me back again
wishing on a falling star
wish I could be where you are
somehow you came and changed my everything

*when you’re not around
I just feel a little down
this is kinda silly right… it’s not okay to me
and I think I’m gonna hate it boy
if you turn your back on me
I don’t wanna let this go …but I’m wondering*

how do I be careful
not to show you what I dream of
kinda crazy but I
replay replay replay
when we’re together
every moment that I treasure
like a movie that I
replay replay replay

you know you’re my M.V.P., no one else has got what I need
when it’s just us two, I get shy but then you keep it so cool
the way you’re always watching out for me
and although I wanna believe
tell me I’m not just imagining..


“nunan neomu yeppeo”
I don’t wanna hear it no more
cause I know it’s gonna
replay replay replay
keep trying not to fake it
how am I supposed to say it
you’re the song that I
replay replay replay 


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