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homgz XD I discovered this cute lil sensation on youtube, lil animated versions of MVs, ahahhahaha

This is the best one I’ve seen so far =D



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Okay, so we all may have heard how Korean netizens are starting to compare the vocals only of singers. So they take out the music and leave the vocals, comparing who does it best.

This one is Big Bang’s Haru Haru and for me, with or without music, they sound great either way =D

But I never noticed the part at 2:57 when I think Tae Yang sings really really high ~ but it’s cool.


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Haha omg! This is so adorable! There are 4 adults who play Dae Sung look alikes and one little kid who is the leader, G-Dragon and he came up with the little bun!! And they perform Lies and Haru Haru together when Dae Sung joins them on stage, singing with them. The little kid does the lips thing like GD does in Haru Haru when introducing himself, so cute~!! But whoaaaa, some of them really do kind of look like Dae Sung!! And at the end, of course they all perform Look at me GwiSon together :]

Video Credit: chauCNN @ youtube

PLUS – Bonus Gif :]

Ahhh~ all the mascot wanted was to hi5 Big Bang and they all walked past him, and then when he thought he was gonna get one from Seung Ri, Seung Ri tricked him!! =P


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From the recent special stages bringing the music scene of 2008 to a close – HAPPY NEW YEAR :]

Big Bang and Mini Big Bang:

VIDEO CREDIT: ChauCNN @ youtube


Photos Special Stage with Wonder Girls – WONDERBANG

LOVE the special stage!! They came up with new lyrics for some of the songs e.g. So Hot – Male Version 😀 lovin’ it~!


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Video credit: ChauCNN@youtube

I seriously wish I had these shows on TV at home! SO FUNNY~!!

This time MC Yoo allowing with others are in the recording studio, trying to record their version of Haru Haru. Their attempt is hilarious, how they try to get the rap parts down lol and then all the pitching for the chorus – that took them more than 3o tries. MC Yoo really loves Big Bang ~ Dumb and Dumber with Dae Sung in Family Outing =D

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KK so this might be out of order since it’s just cuts…but this one is the one where TOP and Hyori kiss…and it features the songs Lies and Haru Haru:

And this is a small cut of Seung Ri and Hyori doing U Go Girl Remix:


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I love the remix~! It sounds awesome! It’d be really cool if Wonder Girls and Big Bang could perform a remix like that on stage. Still looking forward to their WonderBang performance!

– Nina –

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