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From their Big Show :]

First time they performed this song….

the dance is so adorable lol


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They sang Lady to a lucky fan…

CREDIT: gilbakk @ blog.daum.net


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Ahhhhhh~!!! This was from last night for their Big Show Concert!! They did ANOTHER parody but this time for Beethoven Virus and omg…..so many YONGTORI MOMENTS~!!! It’s sooo funnnnny :] TY’s dog; Boss, even has a role lol. And of course TOP gets to play the main lead again …. and there is supposed to be another kiss scene expected lol – lucky TOP

ARTICLE CREDIT: sookyeong @ wordpress.com ~

Big Bang TOP will transform for Big Bang’s ‘Beethoven Virus’ parody for their ‘Big Show’ concert which opens on 30th January.

The parody is named ‘Big Bang Virus‘, based on MBC recent drama ‘Beethoven Virus’. And in the parody, TOP will transform as Kang maestro played by Kim Myung Min in the drama.

TOP will mimic Kim Myung Min’s hairstyle and also his special accent for the parody, which will be hilarious. He will also imitate the famous line from the drama ‘lump of shit’ said by Kang Maestro in the drama.

Big Bang Virus’ talks about Big Bang members’ auditions before their debut. The female lead will be played by SeungRi, and there will also be a kissing scene for TOP-Mae and SeungRi-RuMi (Lee Ji Ah) in the parody. Member GDragon will play Gun Woo (Jang Geun Seok).”


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this was in related videos to the Have a good time~* video so I just clicked it & the result was funnier than I thought XD when I saw who the ‘thugs’ were I was literally LOLing

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CREDIT: cizzlewentzzz

Ok, FORGET the post before where I said GD sings to a lucky fan…this is the actual clip where he sings BUT I LOVE YOU to her!!! [yes, you might have seen pictures where he’s on his knees and all, this is it!] HE GIVES HER A RING!!! HE GETS DOWN ON HIS KNEES AND AND [you gotta watch lol]

AND he sing’s Maroon 5’s THIS LOVE, English lyrics. So ignore the other post, view this one instead mwahhaa!



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Yup so this was quite a while ago. I think this is where Big Bang’s Forever With You came from…they originally used Mariah Carey’s music for We Belong Together and made up lyrics for that, then changing the track to Forever With You :]

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This is for their PMP add and OMG it is ADORABLE! I wish I had one of those to control Big Bang =D

In the CF, this lady has the power to control Big Bang’s actions and she makes them each perform for her and Seung Ri doing his little butt shacks while TOP beatboxes and Dae Sung’s trot and Tae Yang’s charm with Ji Yong’s cuteness~!! I can’t explain lol it’s a simple must watch :]

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