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A little preview to all the songs on his album!

Wow it’s been ages by the way since i posted here and i apologizeeeeeeeeee!

So i hope that this will make up for it <333

GD Leadah Fighthing!


Vol. 1 – Heartbreaker
01. 소년이여 (Boy)
02. Heartbreaker
03. Breathe
04. Butterfly (Feat. Jin Jung)
05. Hello (Feat. 다라 Dara)
06. Gossip Man (Feat. 김건모 Kim GunMo)
07. Korean Dream (Feat. 태양 TaeYang)
08. The Leaders (Feat. Teddy, CL)
09. She’s Gone (Feat. KUSH)
10. 1년 정거장 (Station 1 year)

and here is the video to Heartbreaker 😀

wow..the hair…and it does NOT sound like Right Round by Flo Rida at all!

see fans, our GD knows better 😀

and finally…



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ohmygod, GD’s first full song is out from his new album ‘Heartbreaker’!!! =D it’s not bad~

here’s the previews of the songs that haven’t come out yet but will in a few days!!! =]


Butterfly [looking forward to this one the most personally ><]


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hehehe, i lyk zing yo ^^

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PHOTO CREDIT: GilBakk @ blog.daum.net

This was taken before they appeared on Hyori’s solo concert, Big Bang were filming an episode on KJE Chocolate and these are some of GD’s stalker pics:


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Ah. I just had to make my baby a very own birthday blog. But right now it’s 11.11 PM (OOH MAKE A WISH) and I’ve got first day of school tomorrow (which is technically when oppa’s birthday is but it’s already Aug 18 in Korea so might as well say it now). Anyway, I can’t really make anything special yet but when we get the new laptops tomorrow the first thing I’ll do when I come home (or on the bus or something) I’ll make a super awesome photoshopped birthday card. OKAY? ^^ SARANGHEYO.


First day of school was FUN. Ly and Pia and I would go ‘JI YONG!’ everytime we walked pass each other and Zin called me today to wish our oppa happy birthday. Hehe, I love how everyone’s into his birthday. ^^ He even wrote on his cyworld ‘It’s my birthday~’ so we’re not the only ones enjoying it. XD (His cyworld: http://minihp.cyworld.com/pims/main/pims_main.asp?tid=53471305 ) STRANGE picture for a strange little boy XD but we love you anyway.

Eish, I feel bad cuz I didn’t make a special photoshop thing or anyhing. I will most definately make it up sometime in the future. TT________TT

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Nyahahah, I left this boy last for a reason. Cuz my computer has way too many pictures of him to handle XD The adorkable, stylish and hard-working KWON LEADER~ G-Dragon =D

Well, now less than 24 hours left. I’m gonna go hype about it and find a video later. CYAZ!


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kk, my first Bong item of the day [XD can I borrow the nickname, Vicky?]


XD homemade with love~ <3
XD homemade with love~ ❤

My entry for http://bigbangkorean.wordpress.com ‘s GD’s Music Notebook birthday present project =)

The little chibi me in the corner’s singing ‘August 18 noye sengil’ guess what song I ripped that from =P


My Bongtastic shoes =D
My Bongtastic shoes =D

Haha I saw these in LA and we were on a shopping spree at my summer camp thing and Kyu Rhee and I were like ‘OMG that shoe store <3’ so I we kept bugging our friends to go back so in the last 40 minutes we were like ‘Ok, we HAVE to go to that store!!’ so me and KR ran like hell to get there XD we ended up getting there in 5 minutes so we still had loads of time to spare. I looked around but these were the only real shoes that caught my eye ^^ just had to have them, haha. I wish I bought another pair so I could, like, ship it to GD or something, haha

Errr… that’s about it for Bongstuff =/

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