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shou shou shou ai wo~

just 1 week & a half in china & i can tell that means ‘say say say love me’ XD w00t w00t


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VIDEO CREDIT: the7REAL @ youtube.com

Wow I thought that this was pretty awesome. They played the rock versions of some of the most popular Big Bang songs and they just flow from one into the other. It starts of with Lies > Last Farewell > Look at me GwiSoon > Only Look at Me

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From the recent special stages bringing the music scene of 2008 to a close – HAPPY NEW YEAR :]

Big Bang and Mini Big Bang:

VIDEO CREDIT: ChauCNN @ youtube


Photos Special Stage with Wonder Girls – WONDERBANG

LOVE the special stage!! They came up with new lyrics for some of the songs e.g. So Hot – Male Version 😀 lovin’ it~!


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Son Dam Bi’s ‘Bad Boy’ with Big Bang’s ‘Last Farewell’ & a bit of ‘Crazy Dog’ =]

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The dance at the beginning is so cute!! When Big Bang does it espesially and their faces when they do it, those smilesss :] Seung Ri seems to be really into it with the dance and then later on Dae Sung’s cold dance! So yeah first song is You Are My Destiny by HaHa and second is Last Farewell where HaHa features too.



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Hahhaha, I don’t know his name yet, the guy on the right [he plays the harmonica in LaLaLa and is absolutely adorable ^^] is so hyper about it. I think it’s when all the guests left or something [though why they would leave in the middle of my boys’ performance, I don’t know] but SG stayed behind to enjoy/dance to it?

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