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so that’s what i think about this whole scandal thing, it’s not plagiariam if only 5 seconds of the song sounds like ‘right round’ & also, why does it matter? it sounds freakin’ awesome =]

also. i love this song 😄 they’re so sexy now O__O the hip thing looks insane to do lol

i don’t really understand the MV though

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[TOY] 문희준

one of my favorite songs this summer =]

i really lyk Moon Hee Jun & Outsider’s whole pained love thing without singing in ballads, something you don’t see in k-pop everyday =D

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Space Version

Street Version


homgz. i have a hugeass lesbian crush atm. hahahahaha

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Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life

MC Mong – Love You Till I Die

Plain White T’s – 1, 2, 3, 4

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Pretty Girl MV by Kara

i love their style >< so… so… PRETTY lol


anyone know any online shop or catalog or anything where you can buy cute clothes lyk that? leave a comment plz =D

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New Super Junior MV ‘Sorry Sorry’ =D Can’t wait~ it sounds good

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