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gd8During the special stage on the 29th of 12/08 with the YG Rap Stage –

Credit: ALWAYS-GD – http://always-gd.com



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lol I just found this on the internet and I thought I’d share, it was pretty funny 😛

This was from their introduction performance on the last day of the year which was reallly cool since they all had their own solo dance at the beginning. But netizens noticed that their colors resembled those of Power Rangers …. take a look for yourself :

Video Credit: ChauCNN @ youtube


 Some pictures of the performance – [credit: iMBC.com] :

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From the recent special stages bringing the music scene of 2008 to a close – HAPPY NEW YEAR :]

Big Bang and Mini Big Bang:

VIDEO CREDIT: ChauCNN @ youtube


Photos Special Stage with Wonder Girls – WONDERBANG

LOVE the special stage!! They came up with new lyrics for some of the songs e.g. So Hot – Male Version 😀 lovin’ it~!


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NEWS: OH MY FRIEND MUSIC VIDEO COMING OUT ON THE 13TH!!! (Damn the boys are fast and I’m lovin’ it XD I can’t wait to see what it’s like =3 From a picture I’ve seen it looks like No Brain is in it too, muahaha, it’s gonna be stellar)


[NOTE: If it doesn’t work it means youtube suspended gerardkp0p – thx so much for uploading this, you rabid fanboy XD – because SBS is being mean to us non-koreans, jk, well kind of =___=]

Hehe me and a bunch of other people on BBchat were counting down for this for like 4 hours, it was hilarious ’cause right befire Inkigayo was this k-drama which we did not get at all so we were all getting annoyed at that and then came the news so we’re all freaking out and wondering if it got pushed back and then FINALLY came Inkigayo but then there were a bunch of performances by like Battle and Kara and Zi-A and other people and at the end, FINALLY, the moment we’d all been waiting for. And I loved every second of it (even though I was lagging behind everyone else XD).

DaeSung: His new hair is so cool. It’s like orange and black and there’s that whole emo flap thing which is so hot. =D The red hat is awesome! ><
TaeYang: Always looks insanely good, it’s crazy, and the piano part? ❤ Ah, I don’t have a lot to write about the boy but you guys know what I mean.
SeungRi: I love how he stays simple and adorable but has the whole mature thing going on too. I like his style, the t-shirt with the sleeveless vest on top, so indie.
TOP: Looks so fresh with his hair cut, I love the oven mits XD And how he throws one into the crowd. That’s definately going to be the new TOP action. [Previous TOP actions including the finger twirling during his Lies solo ‘jumoni soge gogi gogi~’ and his Last Farewell solo when he kneels down, tilts his head to the right and twitches his hand in front of him]
G-Dragon: You are one strange little boy. XD I usually don’t like the most popular person of the group but I think it’s a fact that Kwon Leadah has the largest fan base. So it felt kind of weird being mainstream for once but this performance totally made me love him more. He’s so unique, with the new moehawk-hair thing that I’ve never seen on anyone before XD and then funky glasses in the beginning AND THE EYELINER. It’s so inspiring to see someone who wants to be different and has the guts to be it.

Haru Haru is gonna be the next big hit, I tell you. And I love Oh My Friend ’cause rock music is definately my thing.


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