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oh em gee it’s lyk all my future ex-husbands wrapped in one music video

G-Dragon, Dae Sung & Rain all have the same hair color O___o;;

(Tae Yang’s parts are so awkwardly dubbed)

2NE1 preview for ‘Fire’

they’re more lyk a female GD than female big bang but i lyks it =D


Always, anyone? =P


I love this performance. The best of G-Dragon =]

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Hite beer? lol, no wonder SeungRi wasn’t in the CF then

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lolli lolli lolli pop pop!

Big Bang and the new female Big Bang; 21!

Together on a new CF for the phone Lollipop.

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y’all have prolly seen this but I love it XD I just watched the big bang bits of the MKMF the other day & this is the coolest performance all night in my opinion XD & I love the song 10 mintues which is down here too:

such a catchy song!!! >< have to figure out who does the original, haha i love Dae Sung’s dancing in the beginning XD LOL @ GD going ‘hey girl gomin gomin hajima’ & @ 1.25 he’s lyk ‘Oh Hyori no~’ XD

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Okay, so we all may have heard how Korean netizens are starting to compare the vocals only of singers. So they take out the music and leave the vocals, comparing who does it best.

This one is Big Bang’s Haru Haru and for me, with or without music, they sound great either way =D

But I never noticed the part at 2:57 when I think Tae Yang sings really really high ~ but it’s cool.


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TOP doing what he does best…rap~! And Dae Sung….lol just dancing along…hip hop style..?

And here is everyone else in Family Outing doing their own solo rap…lol MC Yoo going on about Hyori and KJK. And then DS goes freestyle singing and rapping for Hyori and Ye Jin~

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Cut from  진친노토 [Seung Ri and Dae Sung Awkward Note Episode] where Tae Yang and TOP show what they used to do in class if they wanted to sleep

lol TOP’s was pretty good =P

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